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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many CHASICARE customers are asking the common questions for their organic farming including Biofloc, Aquaponics, Diary farming, Dairy & Goatery, Soil less farming, hydroponic farming and more. Let’s explore the most common and frequently asked questions and answers here at CHASICARE,  Odisha.

 CHASICARE  is the farmers-oriented organization in Odisha committed to help people to setup up their organic farm in Biofloc, Aquaponics, Dairy & Goatery, Soil less farming, hydroponic farming and also get access to the quality training and government subsidies facilities.

The Urban Farming is the new practice of growing organic foods including vegetables, fruits and herbs in your own apartment/flats in the city. You can plant your favorite food and vegetable trees on the roof tops, balcony or terrace producing natural food items that are free from chemicals. At  CHASICARE , our uniqueness is to create your organic farm with very small piece of land even 30 to 40 feet…. Get in touch with our expert team today and we’ll help you from all aspects.

The expert team at  CHASICARE  will deeply understand your organic farming requirements, and will assist to setup and expand it. Get high quality training, new technology and subsidies facilities available for your organic farming with Chasire care team. Call us today and our expert team will reach you to discuss more.

You can reach  CHASICARE  team with the website or call, 09777028888 for more details. Also get connect with us in Facebook, YouTube Instagram, LinkedIn etc.. for more updates.

Bio-floc based farming system is a new technology for promotion of intensive fish/ shrimp production in a limited area without significantly increasing the usage of the basic natural resources of water and land. The  CHASICARE  team will help to create your Biofloc fish farming and educate you with quality training, new Biofloc technology and more. Also, the  CHASICARE  team will help for the Government subsidies facilities available in Odisha.

The  CHASICARE  team is working all over the Odisha, and its head office located at Bhubaneswar. Visit our website Contact us page for more details.

The expert team at  CHASICARE  will guide you for the required documents for your organic farming in Odisha. Call  CHASICARE  team today and we’ll help you for the documents required on Biofloc, Aquaponics, Dairy & Goatery training and subsidies facilities in Odisha. Lets talk with our Chaisicare expert team today.

The  CHASICARE  is a farmers oriented organization committed to give the best training, technologies and subsidies facilities available in government of Odisha and government of India.

At  CHASICARE , we are committed to provide the best training, technology and subsidies facilities available for the Organic farming to the people of Odisha, and the training charges depends upon various factors. Let’s talk with  CHASICARE  team today for the pricing details.

The central government and the government of Odisha is providing the subsidies to people to setup and expand their organic farming including Biofloc, and other agriculture allied sectors. The subsides amount for the organic farming depends upon the various factors and government guidelines. Call us today, and our expert team at  CHASICARE  will provide you more details.

Yes, you can start your organic farming in to your flats, apartments or any open space areas. The  CHASICARE  team is always stand with people and expand their organic farming business in Odisha.

The  CHASICARE  has decade of experience operating in Odisha and helping urban and rural people to set up their organic farming business. Start urban farming today with the help of  CHASICARE  expert team.

Yes,  CHASICARE  team members are working all districts of the Odisha and helping people for their organic farming business including Biofloc, Aquaponics, Dairy and Goatery with quality training and Government subsidies.

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