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Biofloc Fish Farming in Odisha Brings Huge Earning Opportunities

Being one of the best availability methods in Today's generation, Biofloc Fish farming is the need of the hour with high productivity and sustainability. With an aim to enhancing the employment opportunities in the hands of India upcoming youth, Biofloc Fish Farming  production is a technology where one can produces more fishes significantly than traditional form. It will improve the assistance for their means of subsistence with a view to assisting farmers and the younger generations. Since a lot of fish are produced in a small amount of water, this technology is seen as being water-saving.

The technology has optimum capacity of producing 2,000 kilograms of fish for four small tanks.

How to Start Biofloc Based Fish Farming Experts Opinion is a Must

In order to start Biofloc based fish farming, one needs to know the about the condition of water and testing of water quality. The availability of testing kits helps in analyzing the quality of water and manage it as per its requirements and necessities. In the quest to kill ammonia from water, it is advisable to add on carbon water as ammonia content is very crucial for the water quantity for fish farming. One needs to look into these factors before investing on it.

Investment Required for Fish Farming

In order to make an investment in fish farming, a single biofloc tank is a must with a diameter of 4.5m. The cost of a single tank will be ranging in between 35,000 to 40,000. The more you make the installation of tanks, the better you get profits in future. Biofloc Fish Farming is cost effective as it reduces the prices of fish feeding and disposal of waste if you make use of biofish technique.

Biofloc Fish Farming and Employment Opportunities

Biofloc fish farming is considered as an innovative and modern system where the fishes can be produced in artificial tanks. In places like Odisha, such systems can be installed in terraces and backwards where is fish farmer can make profit significantly by selling the fishes, as it is a distinct advantage of fish farming. Biofloc Fish Farming will be of great help to the unemployed youths and will support the entrepreneurs in giving them a means of subsistence as many schemes are implemented today. The latest pandemic epidemic caused job losses and unemployment for a large number of people.

Biofloc Farming and Chasicare

With a ability to provide assistance to farmers of India, Biofloc farming is initiative in which farmers manage waste and store water in agriculture water. Considered as the blue revolution which benefits from minimum to zero water exchange to continuous recycle of nutrients.

The biofloc fish farming in Odisha is made possible by CHASICARE. Regardless of India's many agricultural sectors, many individuals have faith in CHASICARE in Odisha's capacity to change the dynamics of Biofloc Fish Farming. This industry offers all the resources that help fish farmers become more stable in their business. The expert team in the chasi care unit substantially aids the farmers and offers assistance and support in their work in order to reach the growing fish market demand in India.

Environmentally Friendly Biofloc Fish Tank

This developed technique has brought a change in the perception of the farmers. with the addition of materials like plants, aquatic components and micro filters gives the tank an exterior look which automatically becomes eco-friendly for the fishes. The state government has also given its nod to make Biofloc Fish Farming a future prospect for upcoming people.

Biofloc Fish Farming Training and Subsidies Facilities

Since the central and state government are given their nod for integration of multiple schemes for the biofloc fish farming technologies. In setting up the biofloc farming for the farmers, the experts of CHASICARE team will assist the farmers in making this goal successfully. With that they will the access for the subsides and other facilities. The CHASICARE team also provide essential training to the farmers in order to make them competent and proficient in the work.

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