About Us

At CHASICARE, we are helping farmers to setup their organic farms and maximize their profits with the new range of agriculture technology, training and government subsidies facilities.

The CHASICARE is a farmer centric organization that helps you to establish your own organic in various sectors including, Biofloc fish farming, Aquaponics, Dairy farming, Goatry farming, Poultry farming and more. The CHASICARE team also helps to set up your organic farm in the flats, rooftop, balcony or any other open spaces and keep you safe from the hazardous food infections.

ଚାଷୀର ଉନ୍ନତି, ଦେଶର ପ୍ରଗତି!

Let the CHASICARE expert team meet you and discuss the organic farming facilities including (Biofloc Farming, Dairy Farming, Goatery and Poultry Farming, Aquaponics Farming etc.., and help you to expand your business in your locality. We always stand with our Farmers Friend (ଚାଷୀ ଭାଇ) and will support them from all aspects. Call Us Today: 9777028888 for Any Types of Agricultural Help and We’ll Assist You!

Our Mission

With our expert team members we are helping many urban and rural people to start their organic business with ease. Our mission is to train people and provide assistance for increasing farming through quality productivity and meet the growing demand.Assisting farmers to get new agriculture technology and subsidies from the Central and State Government.

Chasicare Odisha

Our Plan

To aware farmers about Agricultural Schemes and Subsides available by the govts. Help urban and rural people to establish their organic farm, train them for Biofloc farming, Diary Farming, Aquaponics, Goatery Farming, Organic Farming etc. Help farmers of Odisha to start their new agricultural business and augment their employment and income opportunities..

Chasicare Odisha

Our Vision

We are committed to enhance the socioeconomic conditions of the farmers. Our aim is to help every youth and women self-employed by making them Agri-entrepreneur. The CHASICARE will work as a bridge between the government farmers and the markets. Let’s work together and win together in agribusiness.The care of chasi's is the care of nation.No food, No good.

Chasicare Odisha

Contact Us

Contact the CHASICARE Expert team by filling out the Form below and our professional team will reach you soon, OR call us at: +91-97770 28888 for details.